NDVI-based Vegetation Rendering

S. Roettger (UK)


Terrain Rendering, Continuous Level of Detail, Vegetation Rendering, Texture Splatting.


The area of terrain rendering has seen great improvements both in rendering performance and image quality. The lat est terrain rendering algorithms ef´Čüciently utilize the capa bilities of actual programmable graphics hardware in order to achieve real-time visualizations of large terrain models. Despite these advances, a remotely sensed dataset will not look realistic unless the terrain model also accounts for the vegetation. We present an extension of the C-LOD tech nique that is able to enrich large GIS scenes with forestal detail by rendering trees and bushes in a view-dependent way. The placement of the trees is derived automatically from real NDVI data. We also present a NDVI based texture splatting method in order to render the underlying grass layer in a realistic way.

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