Virtual Touch Screen: A Vision-based Interactive Surface

M. Tosas and L. Bai (UK)


Interactive surface, human computer interaction, hand tracking.


This paper presents a novel vision-based interactive surface, referred to as the Virtual Touch Screen (VTS). The contents of the VTS can be displayed using a projector or on a Head Mounted Display (HMD), and the VTS is made touch-sensitive through unadorned visual articulated hand tracking. The VTS can potentially be used as, for example, an alternative to touch screens, an interface to mobile computing devices, interactive surface for information points, shop displays, video games, and as a sterile interface for use in hospitals and clean rooms. The capabilities of the VTS are demonstrated through a number of experiments, which involve interaction with various virtual interface elements, such as keypads, slider bars, control wheels, buttons, etc. Finally, a virtual drawing application demonstrates the use of the VTS to complete a task.

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