A Mobile 3D Archipelago

A. Nurminen (Finland)


Applications, graphical interfaces, virtual reality, mobile 3D maps, mobile geovirtual enrironments


Geospatial virtual environments are real-time rendered 3D representations of geographical data. Until now, such GeoVE’s have existed only on desktop machines. For the mobile user, a GeoVE can function as a 3D map, an eas ily recognizable visualization of the environment. In this paper, we present the development of such an application, suited for archipelago environments. The application is based on preprocessed topographical map data including navigational point objects. Assuming poor wireless net work connections on the case area, this data is compressed and stored locally on a mobile device. The interaction scheme aims to lower the effort in developing and main taining an accurate cognitive map of the environment. Map data preprocessing, compression and visualization in con text of navigation are discussed. Performance and prelimi nary user feedback are presented.

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