Tracking-based Segmentation and Volume Rendering for Assessing Stenosis of Coronary Arteries in MS-CTA Images

D. Mueller, A. Maeder, and P. O'Shea (Australia)


Imaging and Image Processing, Vessel Segmentation, Vol ume Rendering, Medical Imaging.


Multi-slice spiral computed tomography angiography (MS CTA) is emerging as a clinically robust modality for di agnosis and surgical planning for coronary heart disease. To enable these tasks the coronary arteries must be seg mented and visualised. This paper proposes the use of an improved tracking-based algorithm for segmenting the coronary artery network. The segmentation results are cou pled with direct volume rendering allowing for the 3-D vi sualisation of the degree of stenosis. We represent vessels using a generalised-cylinder model, which facilitates fast segmentation and the visualisation of vessel cross-sectional area. A number of synthetic and in vivo datasets are used to validate and demonstrate the approach.

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