A Nonoblivious Watermarking Scheme for Embedding Spread Spectrum-Like Watermarks in the Wavelet Domain

A. Zolghadr Asli and S. Rezazadeh (Iran)


Watermarking, Nonoblivious Watermarking, Wavelet Transform


In this paper, we introduce a multiresolution watermarking method for copyright protection of digital images. The method is based on the discrete wavelet transform. A noise type Gaussian sequence is used as watermark. To embed the watermark robustly and imperceptibly, watermark components are added to the significant coefficients of each selected subband by considering the human visual system (HVS) characteristics. Some small modifications are performed to improve HVS model. The host image is needed in watermark extraction procedure and Normalized Correlation Function (NCF) is used to measure similarities of extracted watermarks. It is shown that this method is robust against wide variety of attacks. Comparison with the existing methods shows the better performance of this suggested method.

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