Bits Allocation of Matching Pursuit Video Coder based on Visual Properties

L. Liu and Y. Jia (PRC)


Matching pursuit, video coding, visual properties, atoms searching scheme, bits allocation, and region of interest


In the low bit-rate video applications, the matching pursuit video coder based on the redundancy dictionary can produce better visual quality than DCT-based video coder. Due to the communication band limitation, uniform visual quality cannot be acquired for the whole image. In most cases, some interesting regions will be chosen for preferential coding according to the properties of human observation and understanding. In this paper, the important regions of interest (ROI) will be ascertained dynamically during the coding process firstly. Referring to above results, original atoms searching scheme will be modified in order to distribute the atoms around the interesting regions, thus the reconstructed images’ quality of the matching pursuit video coder can be promoted.

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