3D Order Statistics Filters in Processing of Video Sequences

V. Ponomaryov, A. Rosales, and F. Gallegos-Funes (Mexico)


Denoising, video processing, color, and 3D processing.


Several novel algorithms used for impulsive noise suppression are applied in 3D color imaging. The analysis has shown that some of them are presented good performances in preservation of fine details, edges, and chromaticity. Robust algorithms that use the order statistics, vector directional and adaptive methods are developed applying 3D video processing, and realizing noise suppression. The results of the filtering in the 3D mode for video processing by proposed Video Adaptive Vector Directional filter have shown that it outperforms the video versions of Median M-type K-Nearest Neighbour, Vector Median, Generalized Vector Directional, K-Nearest Neighbour, .-trimmed Mean, and Median filters. The PSNR, MAE and NCD criteria and visual subjective analysis have been applied during simulation to evaluate performances of the proposed and existed techniques.

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