Prediction of One Repetition Maximum in Weight Lifting with Multilinear Regression Model

M. Hannula, J.-P. Rontu, and J. Jauhiainen (Finland)


Maximal strength testing, and nonlinear data analysis


The one repetition maximum (1-RM) is an important parameter in training program planning in weight lifting. In this study a multilinear regression model (MLR) analysis was applied in the assessment of 1-RM from a submaximal exercise data collected from 24 subjects. In data collection a submaximal bench press lift was accurately recorded with an accelerometer. The data was analyzed in order to predict the 1-RM from the submaximal weight lift. The validation results of the developed MRL model were encouraging. The model resulted in 9.1 kg inaccuracy in prediction of 1-RM form submaximal exercise parameters.

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