Estimating Shoulder Complex Mobility

B. Tondu (France)


Shoulder modelling, Shoulder kinematics, Upper limb kinematic modelling


Modelling shoulder motions is essential in understanding upper limb dynamic behaviour. However, the mobility of the shoulder-complex – in terms of degrees of freedom – is seldom quantified. In this paper we propose applying the theory of mechanisms and, especially, the powerful Grübler-Kutzbach formula to estimate it. This approach requires a rigorous kinematic analysis so we suggest basing it on a bone schematization derived from an extension of Demspter’s historical notation associated to a mechanical interpretation of the physiological joints involved. So doing, the proposed shoulder complex mobility leads to justifying a 9 d.o.f serial chain upper limb mode ,which extends the classical 7 d.o.f. arm foream-wrist model and completing it by adding a clavicle-like link with a 2 d.o.f. mobility.

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