Framework for Creating New Discriminants: Combined Diffusion and Perfusion Studies in Stroke Patients

S. Takagi, K. Sakai, K. Yamada, K. Kudo, Y. Yasuhara, K. Koyamada, and T. Nishimura (Japan)


DTI, PWI, mismatch, brain infarction, risk map


The purpose of this study was to obtain suitable cerebral ischemic tissue discriminant of the human brain that may assist clinical decision making and treatment planning. We designed a framework that allows the users to freely develop effective ischemic risk maps, which we called “DTI-PWI Mapper.” We used the data of diffusion tensor image (DTI) and perfusion-weighted image (PWI) for developing “cerebral ischemia risk map” which estimates the fate of the affected brain. We combined typical DTI and PWI discriminants (e.g. ADC, CBV, etc.) in several randomly selected ways. Some of these maps were able to better estimate the brain tissue lesion than single parameter used alone. In addition, it was suggested from these preliminary results that there would be some more suitable combinations for better characterizing the fate of ischemic tissue.

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