Using DICOM in Medical Grids: Secure Image Communication and Integration of External DICOM Devices in Globus Grids

M. Vossberg, D. Krefting, and T. Tolxdorff (Germany)


Health Care Technology, Image Communication, Grid Computing, DICOM.


The technological and scientific advances in life sci ences increase the demand on computing power and stor age capacity. Such new requirements can be met by Grid-computing, the collaboration of distributed resources across institutional borders. This article focuses on the in tegration of DICOM as world-wide standard for medical imaging systems into a Globus grid environment. Globus is one of the most popular grid toolkits available today. A grid version of the DICOM implementation (Grid-DICOM) is developed by adaption to the Globus grid security interface (GSI). Furthermore, the development of a Grid-DICOM router enables a seamless integration of legacy DICOM de vices like image archives (PACS) and other medical imag ing systems. A web-based portal allows user-friendly ac cess to these systems and other DICOM operations in the grid. A prototype of this DICOM image transfer service is installed and tested in MediGRID, the German grid net work for life sciences. First runtime tests demonstrate the seamless integration, but reveal slightly higher trans fer times compared to conventional DICOM transfer due to the additional security layer.

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