The Interpreting System for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Analysis with Image Processing

K. Wong-ek, L. Boonchu, S. Suntiwatanakul, and S. Sriboonsrong (Thailand)


Medical Image Processing, Image Analysis, Antibody Susceptibility Testing, Laboratory Information System


This research was the development of interpreting system for antimicrobial susceptibility testing by the disc diffusion technique with automatically measures and interprets inhibition zone diameter. The interpreting system was designed to work concomitantly with the popular MLAB system. This interpreting system imported patient data and antibiotic sensitive criteria from MLAB system or was added by user as Stand-alone system. It received images from image capture instrument, showed the image on monitor, read the inhibition zone and simultaneously interpreted the susceptibility results. The susceptibility results were exported back to MLAB system for future processing as routine in clinical microbiology laboratory. The efficiency of this interpreting system was evaluated by measuring 82 specimens from many types of bacteria. The inhibition zone of 1526 antimicrobial discs was measured and interpreted by this system and compared with manual measurement. An overall correlation coefficient of the zones diameter comparison was 0.97 (r = 0.97). Most of the diameter zone measured by interpreting system (94.2%) were different from manual measurement less than 3 mm. The results demonstrated 0.5% of false-susceptible, 0.2% of false-resistant, 99.84% of minimum accuracy and 8.98% of maximum coefficient variable (The minimum coefficient variable is 1.41%).

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