A System Design for Content-based Image Retrieval and Analysis of Mammograms using PostgreSQL with Image-Handling Extension

D. Guliato, E.V. de Melo, R.C. Soares (Brazil), and R.M. Rangayyan (Canada)


content-based image retrieval, feature extractors, Rela tional Database Management System, mammographic database, image-handling extension


This paper presents the design of a system for content based image retrieval applied to mammograms.The sys tem takes into account the imprecision presents in the search, and makes available user-defined methods to cre ate new image descriptors as well as user-defined fea ture vectors formed by combinations of previously defined descriptors using a graphical interface. The system was projected and developed using the eXtension Relational DataBase Management System (XRDBMS) PostgreSQL with Image-Handling Extension (PostgreSQL-IE) that sup ports content-based image retrieval. PostgreSQL-IE is in dependent of application, and offers the advantage of being open-source and portable. The extended data manipula tion and definition language for manipulating image data in the proposed extension is called SQL-IE. The language has a syntax similar to that of SQL (Structured Query Lan guage), and is composed of a set of functions that in cludes commands to create new feature extraction proce dures, new feature vectors as a combination of previously defined features; and new access methods. SQL-IE also in cludes resources for defining queries by combining conven tional and visual data. PostgreSQL-IE makes a new image data type available that permits associating several images with one unique attribute. This resource makes possible the combination of visual features of different images in the same feature vector.

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