Web-based Education: What Is Next?

V. Uskov and A. Uskov (USA)


Web-based education, perspectives, 2006-2010 time period, technologies, courseware, services.


In 2006 the InterLabs Research Institute (IRI) at Bradley University (Peoria, IL, U.S.A.) organized and managed multiple face-to-face and online surveys worldwide regarding 2006-2010 perspectives of various aspects of top quality Web-based education (WBE). The experts from more than 30 countries volunteered to participate in those surveys and provided detailed answers regarding technologies, courseware and services for WBE that expected to be most used in 2006-2010. Project multiple findings [1] will be useful for administrators and faculty innovators who want to succeed in WBE projects and provide top quality WBE. This paper is focused on types of courseware, learning managements systems, technologies, instructional approaches, types of courses and workers that will be in great demand in Web-based education area in 2006-2010.

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