Towards a Pattern Language Approach to Establishing Personal Authoring Environments in E-Learning

C.-T. Chen, Y.C. Cheng, and C.-Y. Hsieh (Taiwan)


Authoring Systems for Web-based Education, Best Practices of Web-based Education, Pattern Language, Personal Authoring, Human Computer Interaction


Establishing a suitable environment for multimedia course production is important for e-learning authors. Such an environment includes two primary components: an authoring station for preparing the artifacts and a physical workplace where authoring takes place. The establishment of the environment is a non-trivial task because it involves several disciplines such as IT, pedagogy, and human-computer interaction. Inspired by Christopher Alexander's work on pattern languages, this paper proposes a pattern language for establishing personal authoring environments in e-learning. The pattern language takes the end-user perspective and can be applied by people with interests in creating a personal authoring environment for producing quality e-learning contents. Its use is illustrated with an example.

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