The Internet-based Laboratory System for Technical Education

D. Karayel, S.S. Ozkan, A. Caliskan, and I. Ozsert (Turkey)


Technical Education, Virtual Laboratory, Mechatronics, Distance Learning


This study explains an Internet – Based Mechatronic Laboratory which has been setup as a solution for problems encountered in the practical training of technical education. The study consists of five sections. In the first section, the problem is defined and the earlier studies about this subject are presented. The second section explains the Internet – Based Technical Education and the effects of the web based laboratory on education system. In the third section, the system architecture which consists of mechatronic system, server, user units and simulation interface is analyzed generally. After that, all of the modules are explained into detail. In the forty sections, the working principle of the system is presented together examples. In the last section, the study is evaluated and its contributions on education and training are explained.

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