Recording Computer Video Output for Educational Purposes

R.O. Rogers and D. Labello (USA)


video capture, flight simulation, aerobatic training


With increasing frequency, educators desire to capture video output displayed by a computer to use in creating multimedia teaching materials. Simple in concept, the process in execution can be time-consuming and fraught with difficulties, especially when image detail is of great importance. We report on efforts to make Internet viewable teaching materials for university flight students based on screen output generated by the well-known Microsoft Flight Simulator program. After several approaches produced failure or marginally satisfactory results, we finally were able to record and edit screen output that clearly depicts instrument panel details as well as out-the-cockpit terrain visuals. Video capture and editing software is currently a little challenging to use, but it seems likely that future software refinements will parallel the rapid development, for example, of word processing programs from the clumsy software of the middle 1980s to the sophisticated, inexpensive, and easy to-use current day programs.

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