Personalized Education Planner (PIP): An Online Education Ontology Construction for Personalized Learning Object Annotation

A.W.P. Fok and H.H.S. Ip (PRC)


Educational Ontology Construction, Instruction Design, Learning Object Annotation, Semantic Web


: Authoring education resources has long been a serious problem and seems to be a bottleneck of many education systems. Attracted by the huge amount of Web resources that can be potentially useful for multiple educational purposes, we have applied Semantic Web technology, to design and develop an ontology-driven Personalized Instruction Planner (PIP) based on a Personalized Education Ontology called PEOnto. The PIP is used as an effective tool for instruction design and annotation of education resources. This paper will present the design and prototyping of PIP, demonstrate the applicability and usage of PEOnto to support several typical teaching or learning tasks. Sharing and discussions of our work also serves to highlight not only possible future extension of PEOnto, but also key research directions for Personalized Education.

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