How to Improve Learning when Going Online using POPBL

O.E.M. Borch, J. Helbo, and P.P. Madsen (Denmark)


Distance education, e-learning, POPBL, on-campus, online.


It is accepted worldwide; that Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a very fine method to improve learning motivation and to satisfy the students being more innovative and creative. Progress in learning is supported by teaching, individual and team reflections and collaborative project work. On-campus the learning process is organized having scheduled course sessions, regular team meetings and project work in groups. As regards online education, rooms are virtual, team members are spread on different locations and distance teaching makes it difficult to attract attention. Consequently, Didactical, Pedagogical and Technological (DPT) methods must be selected and used properly to ensure progress in the learning process. Although it has never been proven that PBL increases learning, there are many observations indicating improved learning, e.g. the students are able to learn more beyond required objectives within the defined time slot. The remote online education Master of Industrial Information Technology (MII) at Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark, is using collaborative Project Organized PBL (POPBL) and is using new DPT resulting in very high motivation and in remarkable learning results. This article explains how this is achieved and sets up some recommendations for performing online POPBL. Experiences from online education are on campus adaptable.

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