A Web-based Learning Environment Supporting Inquiry through Playful Design Experience

T.K.-L. Ho (Taiwan)


Web-based, Inquiry Learning, Juming Museum, Art, Art Appreciation


This paper describes our web-based design, Juming Museum Explorer (http://artsnsc.tmue.edu.tw/juming en/index.html) to support students’ inquiry learning. By integrating educational theory with advanced technology, we provide students with a fun and playful environment where they can explore, experience, and create their original work. We chose the Juming Museum in Taiwan as an example where we can apply our general model to improve the students' learning in Art and Art Appreciation. We believe that our design experience can be generalized to other subject areas. This is a condensed English version of a web learning website http://arts.edu.tw/ that we designed and have successfully used in Taiwan schools.

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