ICT in Higher Education: A Case Study of Mediated Blended-Learning at the University of Aveiro

I. Huet, J. Tavares, N. Costa, F. Ramos, H. Caixinha (Portugal), and B. Holmes (Canada)


ICT, blended-learning, and mediated instruction.


Teaching in on-line and collaborative situations requires a variety of responses including changes in pedagogy as instructors taking the role of facilitators of information while guiding students toward solutions. In order for online learning to be successful, therefore, teachers as well as learners will need to explore new roles in the teaching-learning relationship. In this paper, the authors propose to examine how educators can mediate instruction by first designing their course goals and objectives and then consider how the on-line environment can best serve the instructional objectives and plan appropriate activities and assessment. We seek to explore the use of online environments as the bridge between real world and reflective knowledge.

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