An Analysis of a Communication Network Structure on BBS in an e-Learning Course

K. Yasutake, T. Tagawa, O. Yamakawa, and H. Inoue (Japan)


e-Learning, Higher Education, Graph Theory, Complex Networks, Communication


At the last Annual Conference of Japan Society of Educa tional Technology (JSET) in 2005 and the Third WebCT Workshop in Japan, we have proposed a new mathematical analysis method of learning process via e-Learning which applied Complex Networks Theory. There, we have indi cated that it is possible to identify some characteristics of communication network structure from log data of Bulletin Board System (BBS). The purpose of this paper is to de velop the former studies and to clarify the following mat ters that is: 1) Uneven distribution in terms of network centrality and clustering coefficient is found in the learn ers’ network structure which is formed on a virtual learn ing environment such as BBS: 2) The centrality and the coefficient are correlated; 3) Some interesting characteris tics are observed among Knowledge Transforming Process, Knowledge Telling Process, and the learners’ communica tion network structure.

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