E-Learning for Adult Learners: A Case Study

P.H. van Zyl and E.H. Paist (USA)


Adult learning style, management, eLearning, customization.


Adults have unique styles of learning, and more and more of them are turning to eLearning solutions to acquire the academic credentials and the comfort with the Information Society they need to function effectively in today’s world. Thomas Edison State College, a pioneer in delivering courses and programs via eLearning options whose mission is to provide collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults, responds to the needs of its adult students by using a special mix of technologies to offer customized development and delivery of academic programs and courses. After a brief overview of adult learning styles and Thomas Edison State College’s learning options, this paper discusses the organizational and management issues the College faces as it seeks to bring its students into the Information Society in ways that align on institutionally identified learning outcomes. New efforts and works in progress are also described in the context of the College’s Strategic Vision Plan, covering the period from January 2006 through June 2012.

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