Competency-based Training in SMEs: The Role of E-Learning and E-Competence

I. Hamburg and S. Engert (Germany)


e-learning, SME, e-competence, Competency-based train ing


In this paper, we examine the training situation of Euro pean Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), especially in regard to e-learning. While e-learning has been widely presented as the solution for the training needs of SMEs, analyses of the real situation show quite another picture. Some of these analyses are results of the project ARIEL – Analyzing and Reporting the Implementation of Electronic Learning in Europe ( ARIEL was an international joint project (2004-2005) funded by the European Commission in the framework of its e learning Initiative. In the final section of the paper, we propose Competency-Based Training (CbT) as a systematic approach and thus as a possible solution for improving learning processes in SMEs and present conclusions on the challenges to be met in vocational and further training in SMEs.

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