Technical Education and Brainstorming Technique

M.-F. Vaida (Romania)


Brainstorming, alternative education, enneagram, resonance, software engineering, design patterns


The brainstorming technique used for software projects development is presented as a powerful solution for teaching and research activity in the technical domain. Brainstorming was introduced in the technical domain as an efficient method that was developed considering also psychological and spiritual aspects. Some of these principles were tested in practical works as mini-projects development with students, including Master of Science classes. Advanced teaching process could contain sophisticated tools and elements, combined with creative thinking, flexible and dynamic adaptive solutions. Testing results were obtained for software applications development at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, based on representative groups. In a second stage, the enneagram methodology was also used in the process of defining in a more efficient mode the working groups. The brainstorming and enneagram model were used not only to extract relevant knowledge from students, but they offer the possibility to understand the global evolution of students for integration in education, industrial, or research activity.

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