Pedagogical Design Issues for E-Learning: A Practical Application

A. Murphy (UK)


e commerce e-education, culture, communication, e-learning design


: e- learning provides a relatively new method for teaching in higher education in general and in East and South East Asia in particular. Many e learning programmes are developed using a western based pedagogy for use in the east. However, the evaluation of these programmes is in its infancy. The current study was co-funded by the EU and adds to the body of research providing guidance for e-educators. The qualitative data collected from e learning tutors from South East and East Asia indicates that there are differences based on cultural context in the following areas of communication; within student peer groups; tutor to student, as well as variations in the willingness to discuss problems. The study provides recommendations to enhance the distance education programmes. The conclusion points to issues that should be addressed at the design and managerial levels.

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