Development and Evaluation of a Foreign-Word Learning System by iPods

S. Amemiya, K. Hasegawa, K. Kaneko, H. Miyakoda, and W. Tsukahara (Japan)


e-learning, mobile learning, iPod, moving images, foreign word


In learning the vocabulary of a foreign language, it is ef fective to increase the time and frequency of learning the novel words. Hence, in our study, we developed a foreign word learning system based on a popular mobile device, the iPod, that enables its users to make good use of his/her free time. Compared to other mobile devices, the iPod has a larger storage capacity. Furthermore, the user can easily replay the moving image files. These advantages can be put to good use in language learning. In our system, the users first select the foreign words that they want to learn using their personal computers, then download the corre sponding contents into their iPods. The contents that are downloaded into the iPod consist of the pronunciation of each word together with a series of either still or moving images corresponding to these foreign words. In addition, we conducted an evaluation experiment in which we com pared the learning method based on our system against the conventional paper-and pencil method. The result indicated that the method based on our system showed as 1.5 times as better ratio of memorization after two weeks, thus verifying the effectiveness of our system.

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