A New Interactive Teaching Support System with Both Infrared Data Broadcasting and Cellular Communication

D. Cai and R. Kawashima (Japan)


u-learing, Infrared, Wireless communication, Uubiquitous Computing, Database


Recently, with the development of the cellular and ubiq uitous computing environment, researches on ubiquitous learning approaches with ICT become more and more pop ular research area, but there are two main problems that affect the diffusion of the u-learning greatly are communi cation speed limit or channels available and the fee for large contents access. To solve the problems, we present a new teaching support system with the combining infrared data broadcasting and cellular communication. In the system, the huge educational contents are delivered to students cel lular with a fast infrared protocol, which can provide a very fast down link channel, and the answer from the students’ cellulars will be sent by cellular communication. With the support of the system, teachers can confirm the comprehen sion condition of the students easily during the lecture time; therefore a better teaching effort may be achieved. On the other hands, the students can study the contents with their own cellular or finish the homeworks on the way to home or in their spare time.

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