Online Interactive Learning Arena over the Internet

A. Staupe and L. Kolås (Norway)


Video conference system, e-learning, online tutoring.


The article describes the experiences and results from the pilot project called “Online interactive learning arena” at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The pilot project used an internet-based video conferencing system in a course with about 80 students. The system was used for online lectures, online tutoring and online group work, with focus on the integration of different media types (e.g. audio, video, text, shared whiteboard) and the interactivity possibilities between the lecture room and the distributed students (via e.g. shared applications, audio- and text communication). We experienced new communication possibilities compared to traditional learning environments, but also that nervousness in public communication via the video conferencing system was less than in traditional lectures. Another experience was that one should use the possibilities and added value of the technology as a starting point for the organization of the use, and not put technology in the same frames as traditional education. The pilot project was one of several experiments conducted in the QUIS project.

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