Collaborative Curriculum and Instruction Design for Personalized Online Instruction Delivery

A.W.P. Fok and H.H.S. Ip (PRC)


Collaboration, Curriculum and Instructional Design, Web-based Learning, E-pedagogy


: Education and learning environments are rapidly extending outside the classrooms/schools. To empower teachers with the capability to meet the challenges of supporting ubiquitous learning, advanced e-pedagogy and associated technologies should be designed and offered for leading them to a convenient and valuable teaching and learning environment. The current demands on placing emphases on introduction pedagogical approaches into IT tools in teaching and learning and the studies on the feasibilities of collaborative teaching and learning through a web-based environment are an important stepping-stone for our education growth. In this paper, we introduce a web-based curriculum and instruction design tool that supports collaborative teaching, encourage teachers to share invaluable pedagogical design and deliver constructive online instructions, through the implementation of a successful ITEd capacity building framework that strengthens communication and promotes sharing among schools and teachers.

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