Profiling Online Learners: Insights Gained from Learning Indicators, Learner Behaviors and Learner Perceptions

D. Casey, J. Fraser, and D. Murphy (Australia)


Online learning, ubiquitous learning, learning indicators, learner behaviours and learner perceptions.


This study constructs a learner profile for online learners using the Walkabout Ubiquitous Learning Environment. The learner profile is constructed from data collected on learning indicators, learner behaviors and learner perceptions of the environment. The constructed profile indicates that learners are content to work independently, without any great need to interact with teaching staff or other students, perform as well as learners with access to lectures and tutorials, adopt a traditional study pattern even though they are using a flexible environment. They like the flexibility offered, but also look for some imposed time based structures as an aid to learning. This study also compares these findings to those of other researchers.

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