A Framework for Music Analysis Instruction System with Synchronization of MIDI and Real Performing Audio

H.-T. Lin, Y.-Y. Lin, T.-Y. Ma, and H.-Y. Chen (Taiwan)


Music analysis, global alignment


For college students who major in Music, listening to audio recordings with analytical instructions and music scores is an important task. In this paper we proposes a Web-based music lecture authoring, annotating, and presentation framework, which is especially designed for Music instructors to easily record their lecturing comments (i.e., voice and tele-pointer) based on some prepared teaching materials (i.e., music score, audio or MIDI, and analysis figure for music), so as for students to replay the multimedia lecture after class on the Web. To present the music score and waveform audio in a synchronized manner, we design a MIDI-to-WAV alignment algorithm that can explore the temporal relations between MIDI and the corresponding performance recording. We built a system prototype to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of our idea.

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