Webquest Improvement of the Chemical Equilibrium Study

C.S.L. Morais, J.C. Paiva and J.L.S. Barros (Portugal)


Internet, Webquests, chemical equilibrium


The study of Chemical Equilibrium is a central and inevitable point for knowledge acquiring in Chemistry. However, it is here where students do present more alternative conceptions becoming more difficult for them to understand it and thus a great challenge for the teaching. As something abstract, that includes non observable events, multiple factors, advanced reasoning and complex microscopic interpretation, this is one of the topics in the Chemistry curriculum that appeals more to the use of computational simulations for its teaching. We have carried out studies using a computer programme for the teaching of chemical equilibrium which confirm the usefulness of these digital tools. Computational simulations are very useful and rich context educational resources. Webquests may be supporting material in the exploration of a computational simulation: they are a kind of an “exploration guide” and at the same time a way of creating students’ nearby contexts. There are several advantages that come from the use of this work dynamic using the Web.

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