A System for Creating and Managing Reusable Learning Objects

E.L. Meyen and J.R. Miller (USA)


RLOs for web-based education, Innovative training and teaching technologies, Design and development of online coursework, Online education and training.


This paper describes the development and application of a system for creating and managing the Object-Based Instructional Unit (OBIU) approach to using Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) in developing instructional programs. The OBIU model was designed by the e Learning Design Lab at the University of Kansas in response to the need for an easy-to-use system for revising and/or structuring content when building online courses. The OBIU is also applicable to structuring content for other instructional or training formats that make use of RLOs. The OBIU includes a repository of RLOs in the form of Instructional Units (IUs) that is searchable for instructional units, customizable for instructional needs, allows for aggregating instructional units, and is usable in optional teaching formats. The repository is also expandable; that is, any user may be allowed to contribute IUs and/or resources. Further, each user is allowed to create his or her own personal account for storing, creating, and/or clustering IUs. Thus, the OBIU allows instructional units to be built, reused, and grouped so that they can be combined for teaching broader concepts or skills when more information is required than is embedded in a single instructional unit. As the IUs from the repository are used or modified, or as new IUs are created, the repository increases, thus adding to its usability. Finally, the OBIU generalizes across disciplines and levels of education.

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