Learning Process Sharing on the Web: Approach to Course Material Generation

H. Mitsuhara, K. Kanenishi, and Y. Yano (Japan)


Learning process sharing, course material generation, knowledge construction, review, and reflection


This paper describes how to generate course material for learners in the Internet age. Our fundamental idea is that the course material can be generated from learners' learning processes on the web. We focus on "learning process sharing" as a method for course material generation. In the learning process sharing, a learner can not only reflect on his/her learning process but also review other learners' learning processes. In other words, the learner can (1) reconstruct his/her constructed knowledge by reflecting on his/her learning process and (2) construct knowledge by reviewing other learners' learning processes. The learning process produced by such review becomes the target of reflection. The learning process produced by such reflection can work as course material from learners’ points of view.

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