Scientific Content Creation for Web-based Education

R. Kumar (USA)


Rapid Content Creation, Web-based education, Web-Plot, Web-Analysis, On-line Quiz


The web is here and here to stay. A majority of the educational community uses this powerful medium for information dissemination. This paper describes a software tool (USolver) that helps technical educators and trainers to rapidly create and deploy dynamic and interactive web pages, for web-based education. Live analytical content, such as on-line computation and dynamic plotting, are examples of features that may be vital for several technical educators, but is difficult to create. As a result, several authors of the scientific/engineering web pages have to take help of programmers, or learn tedious scripts/programming language or perhaps just post static web pages. USolver allows analytical contents like interactive calculations, interactive plotting, and dynamic unit conversions to be easily created and incorporated in web pages. This empowers the subject matter expert, who plays the key role in creating input for web-based topics or courses. The skills required are similar to those needed for word processing and spreadsheet analysis. The web page design process is visually driven. Web-based interactivity is afforded by incorporating form elements like text-boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists and command button.

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