Introduction of Summative and Formative Web-based Assessment to the Circuit Theory Course

J. Rutkowski and K. Moscinska (Poland)


Web-based assessment, summative and formative assessment, e-learning, multi-choice test


Over the last few years the Circuit Theory course at Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland has been gradually converted into blended e-course [1]. Recently the Web-based assessment (WBA) has been introduced [2]. The application of WBA enables to decrease costs and first of all enhance quality of learning. The authors describe their first experience with summative as well as formative assessment. The summative assessment proved to be very successful, even though some modifications should be introduced. The results of formative assessment are less satisfactory, due to the students’ attitude to learning. The paper describes the applied forms of assessments, enlightens the main difficulties and provides some tips for teachers introducing WBA, especially in case of technical university courses.

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