E-Portfolio to Assess Professional Competences in University Virtual Classrooms

E. Barberà, T. Guasch, and A. Espasa (Spain)


Student e-portfolio, on line learning, distance assessment, metacognition, assessment of competences.


On line student assessment is one of the least known and most problematic issues of virtual learning. This is so because of its general organization and format in relation to specific contents, mainly in applied subjects because of their epistemological approaches. In this context, the renewal of assessment processes promoting new practices according to the competence-based trend is needed. In this proposal we present the development and implementation of an e-portfolio system in a university virtual classroom that represents several assessment methods of learning in virtual learning contexts taking into account their cognitive consequences for learning. Although the e-portfolio includes different types of assessment methods including those of automated correction, special emphasis is made on processes that assess positive progress of learning. E-portfolio helps and assesses learning quality according to their use in four different types of learning assessment: 1) initial assessment, 2) constructive and formative assessment, 3) final and summative assessment and 4) self-assessment. The organizational format of these types of assessment is represented in the student e-portfolio platform we built to demonstrate evolution and accomplishment on learning. Also its suitability is discussed as well as their advantages and disadvantages on a psycho-pedagogical level.

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