A Trusted Assessment Environment in a Network-Booted OS

G. Biacchi, P. Grew, and E. Pagani (Italy)


testing and assessment issues in web-based education; computer-assisted assessment; platform integration; learn ing management system; innovative web-based teaching and learning technologies; authentication.


This paper describes how a laboratory where students usu ally access the LAN using personal accounts can be con figured during examinations. Test questions are automati cally corrected by a learning-management system, which is used to authenticate students (who are further identified by physical presence). During assessment conditions, students must have access only to the URL where the test is located. Access must be denied not only to other websites but also to any notes or materials the students may have stored in their personal space on the LAN. The authors previously imple mented such access policies through Microsoft Windows Ru ser-profiling but have now achieved promising results by booting into RAM a customized GNU/Linux operating sys tem over the network.

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