SSS Website: An Online Community which Supports Successful Extensive Reading for Learning English

A. Furukawa, H. Nishizawa, H. Uruno, and T. Yoshioka (Japan)


Blended Education and Training, Online Community, Extensive Reading, English as a Foreign Language


In this paper we describe how the SSS (Start with Simple Stories) website supports individual learners to improve their communication skills in English through extensive reading. Our research shows that web-based communities can help remote learners to continue their learning in several ways. Although, in the real world, reading is an individual activity, readers need fellow learners to share their own experience or information about reading materials. The website provides the learners with the opportunities to get information about easy-to-read English books and provides advice on how to select appropriate books in the community. From the analysis of conversations between the learners posted on the website, we have found the website has an important role not only to supply useful information, but also to connect learners who are encouraged by others with similar experiences. The SSS website seems to attract individuals to the learning community and to enhance their learning of English. It also has a ripple effect to improve the learning environment in the real world.

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