A Practical Experience of Usage and Evaluation of the USABLE Course

L. Sommaruga (Switzerland) and N. Catenazzi (Italy)


Evaluation, blended-learning, USABLE, usability.


This paper describes an experience of use and evaluation of the USABLE environment in an academic course at the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria. USABLE is a project whose purpose is to provide a blended learning course on usability evaluation of web applications. In our experience, where target users were undergraduate university students, USABLE was evaluated using different methods: direct observation and system logging during the use of the system, and questionnaires afterwards. In addition, the users’ learning performance was analyzed at the end the course. The focus was on the assessment of the USABLE course impact on the learning process, and on the collection of feedback for system improvements. The evaluation results demonstrated a high level of satisfaction of the students in using the system and provided constructive comments to improve some aspects. Moreover, as indicated by the students’ learning outcomes, USABLE has resulted to be an effective environment for blended learning and a valuable tool to motivate students towards a deeper study of the usability subject.

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