The Web-based Knowledge Map: The Combination of Practise-Oriented and Scientific Knowledge

S. Sattari, W. Backhaus, K. Henning (Germany), P. Fabian (Slovakia), E. McQuade (Ireland), P. Pimenta (Portugal), and E. Sjoer (The Netherlands)


Knowledge maps, blended education and training, seman tic nets, and non-linear learning


This paper introduces the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) project Web-based Knowledge Map (WeKnow) within the SOCRATES action programme of the Euro pean Union. WeKnow develops a Knowledge Map for higher education retrieving expert skills and knowledge which will then be presented to university students em bedded in a blended-learning concept. The Knowledge Map will correspond to students’ new learning styles such as ‘discontinued’ and ‘non-linear’ learning behaviour. Teaching of traditional scientific knowledge will be en riched by providing practice-oriented expert knowledge. Both knowledge types are integrated in a semantically structured Knowledge Map which allows the sophisti cated retrieval of learning contents and knowledge stocks from a web-based system.

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