Web-based Education System for Elementary Mathematics

Y. Okuyama, T. Nagahama, and M. Kitamura (Japan)


Intranet e-learning systems, Apache web server, algebraic equations, Sturm theorem, division algorithm, interval systems


Elementary mathematics, for instance, algebraic equations is an important field of study in higher education. In partic ular, graphical representations of curves of equations make the understanding of mathematical problem easy for stu dents. Therefore, we have developed a web-based educa tion system with a graphics database for elementary math ematics, particularly, algebraic equations. In this paper, the analytical properties of quadratic and cubic algebraic equations are discussed on the basis of the Sturm concept because of its educational value and usefulness in analyz ing and designing a real system. Some graphical repre sentations utilized for the web-based education system of algebraic equations are shown. An intranet e-learning sys tem constructed in our laboratory on a Linux web-server (Apache HTTP server) is presented.

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