E-Learning Service Management and Brokerage Framework: Architecture and Functional Services

A. Kefala and T. Apostolopoulos (Greece)


e-learning service management, brokerage framework, middleware architecture


During the last years, the evolution occurred in WWW and communication technologies has enabled access to e Services via diverse means and locations. E-learning sys tems presenting diverse features and functionality are im plemented en masse. We propose a management frame work that acts as a facilitator among e-learning systems, learners, underlying communication infrastructure, learn ing content and provided learning methods, offering an in tegrated management architecture, while at the same time, it acts as a broker for e-learning and content providing sys tems. A key characteristic of proposed architecture is de tection and management of parameters, which change dy namically at each user session and mainly concern connec tion context and access device characteristics. In this paper, we present content and e-learning provision services con text, resulting in features and capabilities that a manage ment and brokerage framework should support. We out line key features of proposed architecture and present main functional services supported by proposed framework. A use scenario is also presented and we conclude with sum marizing main points of proposed management framework.

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