Design Concept of a Course Visualization Platform

O. Yamakawa, M. Kikusawa, T. Tanaka, K. Yasutake, T. Sumiya, T. Tagawa, and H. Inoue (Japan)


Web-based Education, Tracking Data of Students, Course Management System, Course Visualization,


Course visualization, which is carried out by analysing the access log of the Course Management System, is very effective in revealing the learning activity of students. However, there are few practices of course visualization for lack of a procedure guideline and difficulties concerning the analysis of learning-activity data. Authors have already proposed a procedure guideline for course visualization to reduce the number of problems and have executed the process according to the guideline. In this paper, at first, the procedure guideline and examples of course visualization will be shown. Next, this paper describes the design concept and the software structure of course visualization platform (VisP) for spreading these visualization practices to the E-learning community. It will be easy to visualize the learning activity of students, when the platform is used. As the result, we will get effective feedback to instructors and students for the formative evaluation of a course.

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