An Intelligent Tutoring System for Education by Web

W. Fajardo Contreras, E. Gibaja Galindo, E. Marín Caballero, and G. Marín Caballero (Spain)


Educational system, E-learning, web, adaptive system, intelligent tutor, web tutor


In recent times, it has been seen that the personalized teaching to each pupil favours learning due to an individualized tracking is done to him/her. The goal of this work is doing a personalized tracking of every pupil. The system presented is able to adapt the educational material to the level of every student. It also fulfils the requirements of e-learning technology and provides various accessing levels (administrator, teacher, student and user). Our system tries to reproduce a real e learning centre with administrative and learning components. The teaching component cannot be solved in a trivial form, rather it requires the use of knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence techniques.

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