An Innovative Training System by Digital Terrestrial Television: TSC-Learning

M. Recchioni, N. Casalino, V. Castello, and M. Roscani (Italy)


T-Learning, Learning Management System (LMS), DVB T, Digital Divide, IDTV, two ways Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).


The term digital video broadcasting (DVB) is today used as a synonym for digital television in many countries. Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) is an implementation of digital technology to provide a greater number of channels, a better quality of picture and sound through a conventional antenna instead of a satellite dish or cable connection. Digital television isn’t just an innovative signal representation; it represents a new multiple-channel data broadcasting that affect not only the technology side but also the content itself. Within this framework, the T Learning (Television-Learning) has reached a considerable importance in the last years and is emerging as a potentially important media to create opportunities for learning at home. The main aim of the paper is to describe a system to provide the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) on digital-terrestrial platform, respecting the reference standards (SCORM, IMS, AICC, LOM, etc.). This innovative system allows users to get learning services at home, using a LMS that has to meet a number of requirements, including the integration of a multiplicity of contents.

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