Ad Hoc Transient Communities to Enhance Social Interaction and Spread Tutor Responsibilities

P. Sloep, L. Kester, F. Brouns, P. van Rosmalen, F. de Vries, M. de Croock, and R. Koper (The Netherlands)


community building, learning networks, peer tutoring, self-directed learners, ad hoc transient community


A Learning Network is an ensemble of individual users, institutions and learning resources which are mutually connected through and supported by information and communication technologies. Learning Networks are particularly attractive to self-directed learners, who themselves decide on their learning programme as well as on the timing, pace and place of their studies. Such learners may easily become isolated, which is detrimental to their studies. Supporting them, furthermore, may rapidly lead to staff overload. This paper proposes that setting up peer support in ad hoc, transient communities helps tackle both problems. An overview of pertinent literature is presented to substantiate this proposal.

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