The Development of a Collaborative Learning Environment through the TE3 Funding Initiative

R. Harris (UK)


Knowledge transfer, collaborative learning, funded support.


Knowledge is critical to developing competency within small businesses (SMEs) and firms that efficiently tap into all relevant sources of knowledge are likely to grow, whilst those that can’t may struggle. However, an obstacle to SME development is often an inability to access technical and business knowledge, although the widespread adoption of broadband internet connectivity has increased the potential for successful business support. The availability of software platforms such as Web CT have proved effective for delivering formal learning opportunities, but from a pedagogical perspective these technology applications can be questioned in terms of their impact on learning outcomes and track record in delivering informal learning support. The Technology Enhanced Enterprise Education (TE3) initiative aims to provide a solution to this problem by funding the development of technology supported learning solutions delivered through a collaborative network of UK Higher Education Institutions. This paper reports on the first phase of development of a knowledge transfer project, part funded through TE3, which designed to encourage innovation and improve the capability of SMEs in the West Midlands region of the UK.

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