Towards Personalized Feedback in Educational Computer Games for Children

E. Vasilyeva (Finland)


Feedback, Personalization, Educational Games, Computer-Human Interaction


Educational games as well as other computer games become an important part of children’s life and modern education. One of the crucial components of the educational game is the feedback that is provided to the child by the system during the interaction. In this paper the framework for analyzing the concept of feedback in the context of learning and entertainment applications is briefly introduced. The paper provides a review of feedback studies and discusses the problems of feedback personalization in educational computer games for children. Recent studies in user adaptive interfaces show that personalization of interface parameters according to a user model can facilitate the increase of effectiveness in interacting and learning processes. The similar ideas are considered in this paper with respect to feedback personalization to a child in educational computer games. Personalization can play even more important role in this context because of varying cognitive abilities, reading and elementary math skills among different children. We believe that this paper will contribute to better understanding of the challenges in the development of the educational computer games for children and attract attention of the educational computer games developers to the problem of feedback.

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